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18March 2014

In honour of Ammaji’s Bheemaratha Shanthi (pages 32-35), we dedicate this issue to Mother. I know that she would prefer to have all attention given to Swamiji, but for this one issue she must indulge us in our desire to put all attention onto her. In truth, however, the energies of Ammaji and Swamiji are everywhere, as one cannot exist without the other.

In the Gitananda photo archives, there was a severely damaged photo of Swamiji with Ammaji. I have digitally repaired the image (page 6), although I kept the feel of it painterly, so as not to mask the fact that it has been reworked.

  • At first glance, read through the articles and the many quotes about Ammaji.
  • On a second pass, look at the images in a two-page view.
  • Look at the eyes, the direction of each gaze and where they lead you (pages 6-7).
  • Look at a mother’s playful hands (pages 12-13).
  • Consider the contrast of meaning in image and text (page 18).
  • Look at the layout for archetype shapes, especially the triangle. The power of Sri Yantra is everywhere, intersecting upward and downward triangles, representing both male and female energies. An obvious example is on page 46, the image of the lioness represents the female principle while its shape is that of the upward triangle, the male principle.
  • For the first time, included in the magazine is a quick reference guide (page 17) and glossary of a specific yoga practice (pages 19-23). In keeping with the theme of ‘Mother’, this issue focuses on pre-natal and post-natal yoga.

One of the great joys of doing research for the magazine is making new discoveries, like the beautiful sculptures by Norwegian artist Emanuel Vigeland (pages 14-15) and German artist Rudi Hirt (page 36).

Enjoy this issue and keep in touch. I look forward to collaborating with you in the near future.


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