My Top Three Yoga iPad Apps

15January 2013

Pranayama by Saagara

Amma would probably say that this app is an unnecessary prop, but I have found that on those days that I am not motivated to practice Pranayama – this app has helped me to stay on track.

No need to count your breaths!  Use the breathing pie animation to see when to inhale, exhale and hold your breath.  The advanced settings allows you to set the breath ratios – so any of the Pranayamas learned during the Teacher’s Training can be practiced but what I really love is the audio.  Each breath type has a different sound as the app silently counts down, which means that you can practice with your eyes closed, which is preferable.

Trace Sanskrit Alphabets by

While doing the Teacher’s Training at ICYER, the weekly Sanskrit class was my favorite.  But how soon one forgets after the course is over.   Although the graphical interface is meant for kids – this is an excellent tool to re-learn how to write and pronounce Sanskrit.   You can trace any vowel (swag) or consonant (vyanjan) in the Sanskrit alphabet. The app even shows you where to start and end writing the letter.  With a touch of a button, you can also listen to the phonetic sound behind each letter.   Once practice is complete you can test yourself to see how well you have learned the letters in each section.  It does not replace Devasena… but it is the best tool that I have come across.

All-in YOGA by Arawella Corporation

During the Teacher’s Training, one of the things I did was create index cards, different colors for pranayamas, asanas, kriyas and mudras, and on each card I wrote Sanskrit and English names, definitions, explanations and drew images to help me remember all the techniques I was learning.  Since acquiring an iPad, I have been trying to find an app to replace my index cards.  I have seen many, but this app is the best of what is out there.

The app contains over 300 asanas with photo, video and audio guides, plus there are 3D muscle models for every pose, and over 30 pranayamas with detailed how-to guides.  You know you are on the right track when each entry is labeled by their correct Sanskrit name.  The best thing however is that the app is completely customizable.  You can add  pranayamas, asanas, kriyas and mudras and create your own programs.  What is an excellent app to start with can be transformed into a uniquely Gitananda Yoga inventory.


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